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€¢ Review Nikon Nikkor AI-S 20mm f3.5 Wide angle lens
This lens came through few versions from late 60ties. My version is from year 1983. I used this lens on film cameras and keep using it on digital cameras either DX or FX. It is far better even than actual AF 20/2.8D.

Lens is very sharp in all settings and distances it can focus, manual focus is no issue since above 2m lens is almost hyperfocal. Focusing is also only about 45degrees turn.
It have very nice bookeh even with only 6 blades. It is all metal good old nikkor so build quality, durability is amazing. I have been shooting with this lens in wind in sand and dunes in Sahara and it just lives and works without visible problems.
This lens is very good resistant against oposite light flares and ghosting, shooting into the sun is no problem most of the time. When it flares, it is good visible in viewfinder and on very limited angle. Contrast and colors are excellent, and even with oposite light.
There is little fallof on FX and slight geometrical distortion, but nothing visible on real world images. Chromatic aberations are not present even in most contrast conditions wide open.

Lens is very small, actually one of smallest AI and newer nikkors ever made. Only 4cm long together with tiny camera (like for example Nikon D40) makes perfect combination for street photography or replacement for P&S cameras in jacket.

Only problem you might have is that front lens is touching some filters, be carefull when using some new filter.

Filter size: 52mm
Length: 4cm
Speed: f3.5-f22
Closest focus: about 0,3m (1:10)
Hyperfocal: from about 3meters
Horizontal FOV (DX): 110%
Horizontal FOV (FX): 180%
Filter thread rotates: never
Filter thread moves: on focus, about 2mm

Result: 1-, Highly Recommended, excellent lens. Pick one if you can.

Resolution, worst case scenario: 1:1 12Mpixel DX camera (D300), down to single pixel sharp, amazing for so old glass:

On your camera:

Reversed this lens produces about 3:1 very sharp macro.
Posted on 05 Jun 2008

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